Why Choose an Aluminium Craft?

Today we build hulls for many applications including; the tourism and related industries, pleasure and commercial fishing boats, family fun boats, portable "car top" boats, military/police/game department/etc. patrol vessels, rescue boats, bass fishing boats, water taxies, river & lake cargo transport boats & barges, car & truck ferries, sundown cruisers, sturdy & durable offshore work and fishing boats, oil rig tenders, various amphibious craft and many more.

We have hulls working successfully in the UK, EU, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Nigeria, DRC, Zambia, Angola, Tanzania, and the Maldives!!

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Easy to Maintain

Aluminium tends to dent and deform on impact - retaining watertight integrity - as opposed to shattering and breaking as with other materials. Sharp objects (hippo teeth, rocks, etc) will puncture aluminium but this is normally easy to repair in the field with silicone, pop rivets and a plate of galvanized iron or similar. 

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Extremely Durable 

As well as the above attributes a big consideration in most of these applications is the durability of the hulls - an almost indefinite life span. We use only marine grade aluminium which will not corrode in salt water or be affected by extreme temperatures and harsh sunlight; it will not degrade like fibreglass or the various materials rubber ducks are made of.

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Excellent Value for Money

Aluminium boats do not go out of fashion simply because they are not a "fashion" item to begin with. Our boats are not build to compete with the fancy finishes of a fibreglass hull, instead, they are purpose-built aluminium workboats. Our indisputable better value claim includes longer life, more usable space, lower fuel consumption per load kg, higher resale value, better warranty and best layout options - by far!!