Jon Boats - Punts - Tough Runabouts

The 3.65 m punt is a fun, light weight hull that can be loaded onto a vehicle by "one man". Great for the mobile fisherman or for just getting out on the water. We build to your spec ! Kids love 'em! Goes very well with a 15 to 30 HP outboard engine.

Like the 3.65 - the 4,3 m is a fun light boat that can be carried as a "car top", goes well with a 25 or 30 HP outboard. They are everywhere.

The fisherman's friend - The 4,9m punt goes well with a 30 to 40 HP outboard. 40 is quite quick - 60 is over the top.

14 foot, 30 HP, light and easy, no fuss, maximum payload, space and fun.